Eleven years ago, most of us here at ICO were involved in the development business. That’s a big part of the reason that we decided to start a highly focused hosting company. At that time there was no hosting that met the needs of Windows developers. So we decided to create a hosting company that filled that gap. Today, we continue to support Windows developers and .NET in all kinds of ways, additionally we now also support Red Hat Linux developers. What follows is just part of it.

We hope the information below may be of some use to you in your next project.

Test Environments

We provide developers with test and “proof of concept” environments. There are no strings, no charges, no obligations. It’s just part of our day-to-day developer-only service.

Proof of Concept Environments*

This can be whatever is required to deliver a proof of concept to your client:

  • Virtual Dedicated Server (Windows and Red Hat Linux)
  • Dedicated Server – if you really need a Dedicated Server for your proof of concept, we will try to supply that, too. (Windows)

*for Australian developers only. They come with full support.

Virtual Dedicated Servers

We’re pretty pleased with these, and have been working with and offering them longer than anyone on the planet. We’d like you to try one so you understand the advantages. We can also provide support for .NET 3.5 on them. We’d like you to try your own Virtual Dedicated Server for a couple of weeks to get a feel for it. Give us a call and we’ll arrange it. This offer is only for Australian developers and may be subject to availability.

If you are interested in any of these offers, or you would like some more information about our other opportunities, please email us at enquiry@ico.com.au or phone us on our free number, 1300 727 733.

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Red Hat Linux Hosting

With our team of Red Hat Certified Engineers and Red Hat Certified Technicians, ICO provides 24x7 expert support for your ICO virtual dedicated server.


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