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As an IT Manager it is important that your IT environment is secure and backed up. In the event of a disaster, it is usually the IT Manager who is responsible for restoring the network and getting the business and all of the staff back up and running, with no loss of data.

With an in-house server there is always an element of doubt, a small niggling feeling… Are the backups working? How long would it take to restore them in the event of a disaster? What if the server is stolen, or damaged in a flood or a fire? Will the backups restore to different hardware? Do I have room in my budget for new hardware?

These are real concerns that all too regularly go unaddressed until the time comes when a restore is necessary and you are faced with not hours, but possibly days and days of trawling through the backups and hoping that no data is lost.

Of course the alternative is to host your server* to avoid these problems, but you’re worried that you will lose control, face problems with server downtime, that the links won’t be big enough, there won’t be any redundancy, changing backup tapes, the security of the actual data centre building itself, the security of your data, who will be able to see my network? Is my network secure? Will I have access?

These concerns are understandable, which is exactly why we have addressed every single one of them and why we have written guarantees and solid SLAs to give you peace of mind.

You can be assured that ICO has an ultra-high security, purpose-built Data Centre, a 99.999% uptime environment, a completely redundant link equal in size to the 1 Gigabit main link, disaster recovery snapshot backups and our own qualified security personnel and the services of consultant teams to name just a few of our credentials. You’ll actually have more control over your IT environment, and will gain access to support staff from the ICO team.

Now for the good part; with your server taken care of and crisis management diminished, reduced costs and complexities, more control over your IT infrastructure and ICO Support as an extension of your IT team, you now have the time to research and work on exciting new projects which will add value to the business.

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* On our virtual infrastructure or on an ICO Dedicated Server

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