Privacy and security are growth areas. The days of complacency are over and many servers (and the data centres they are in) now require the highest levels of physical and technical security. This means that due diligence is more important than ever and that it will soon be mandatory for many servers (and companies) to meet security standards such as ISO27001.

ICO will help you to meet the highest security standards. We have our own qualified security personnel and we employ the services of two consultant teams. Here are some typical ICO security services:

 ISO/IEC 27001 Certified

ICO has a certified management system to the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001. This is your assurance that ICO is committed to excellence, quality and best practice and they are regularly subjected to rigorous, independent assessments to ensure that they comply with stringent Management System Standards. The logo is therefore ICO's commitment towards maintaining the highest possible Standards. 


 Firewalls are managed by security specialists and deployed in a “private IP” space, while customer servers and routers are segregated in Virtual Local Area Networks (VLAN). Network security features also include multi-level privileges, OS lockdowns, centralised authentication and device change logs.

Security Patching

By constantly updating our security systems, we ensure optimum protection for our customers. We monitor and address emerging threats, and quickly process and apply new security patches.

Threat Analysis

ICO is constantly working on identifying and addressing security weaknesses in servers, applications and activities.

Security Testing Laboratory

ICO subjects all high security devices to full security testing before they are deployed — including the installation and configuration of the Operating System, the disabling of vulnerable or unneeded services, and advanced vulnerability tests.

Certified Engineers and Security Teams

To ensure a fast response to a security event, qualified personnel are available 24x7x365. Our security specialists have earned Certified Information System Security Professional certifications (ISO/IEC 17024) and we have working relationships with other security response teams.


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Our move from in-house servers to hosted with ICO was a great move. Tech support - excellent, friendly, highly-competent and prompt and our tech support costs have decreased substantially. We don't have to worry about CAPEX and replacement issues. The regular back-up routine is another problem we don't have to concern ourselves with and on the serveral occasions we wanted to recover a file the turnaround was better than expected.

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If you've ever hosted elsewhere, you'll have a greater appreciation of ICO's Data Centre Network.


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ICO provides only one kind of hosting. High uptime, cost-effective solutions that meet the serious hosting needs of developers and business.



We take your hosting seriously. That's why our guarantees below are in writing, in plain English and easy to find. Just like every statement we make and price we publish on our website. We believe in total transparency.


Red Hat Linux Hosting

With our team of Red Hat Certified Engineers and Red Hat Certified Technicians, ICO provides 24x7 expert support for your ICO virtual dedicated server.


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